Raposo (Rapi)

Rapi (pronounced Hoppy) was born in Doral, Florida in 2010. He got his name, which means little fox, because he looked more like a little fox than a kitten when he first joined our pack. Somehow, Rapi had become separated from the rest of his family and was found alone, hiding in the bushes inside of an office park. When he was found he was weak, covered in fleas and was nothing but skin and bones.

Rapi is the only male in the house, and assumed the role of alpha when our oldest cat, Bennie passed on to the rainbow bridge. Rapi had developed quite the reputation for being an avid fan of eating and chasing all the girls regardless of their species. Hi DEFINITELY see’s himself as the typical latin lover. The big orange cat can always be found at Cindee’s side regardless of where she is or what she is doing.