The Memory Page

Welcome to the Memory Page. This is the place on our website where we come when we want to look back and reflect on our friends and family that we have lost over the years. We take solace in knowing that they are waiting for us to come and join them at the Meadow on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, this is the best we can do.

Cosita’s name was, for the most part, very fitting for her personality, as it means “pretty little thing” in Spanish.

In her own mind, Cosita was the alpha, though in truth that honor was held by Bennie, whom by the way was the only creature that Cosita ever met that she feared.

Cosita was diagnosed with cancer early in 2017 and fought bravely until she passed on in November. Cosita holds a special place in Cindee’s heart as her sister and mentor.

Bencinha, which is Portuguese for “little blessing” was born in Miami in 2006. Everyone called Bencinha by her nickname, “Bennie”, and was also known by all the furbabies in the house as “The Original Gangster”.

Bennie was the first member of the Gang. She was discovered in the bushes crying for help in the middle of a thunderstorm. Bennie was loved and feared at the same time. She had a personality that was constantly shifting between wanting to be loved and lashing out. Bennie passed from cancer in the summer of 2018.