Cindee’s Daily Doings

Cindee: “Hi friends! Did you know that chocolate and vanilla aren’t just flavors of ice cream?

Mylo: “Don’t you mean vanilla and chocolate, Cindee?”

Cindee: “Whatever! They are also delicious varieties of puppies too!”

Mylo: “Like us!”

Cindee: “Hmmmm. I think they probably made the connection Mylo.”

Mylo: “Oh. Anyway, all this talk about ice cream is making me hungry.”

Cindee: “Me too. So tell us friends … what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?”

Mylo: “Vanilla?”

Cindee: “Or Chocolate?”

Mylo: “Tell us in the comments!”

Cindee: “Yes! Tell us! We really want to know!”

Mylo: “We are kind of intrusive that way, bwahahaha!”

Cindee: “Have a wonderful day. Bark at you later!”

Mylo: “Woof! woof!”

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