Cindee’s Daily Doings

Poor Bella! Huh? What? Did I just say poor Bella? I must not be feeling well to stick up for that furball, but in this instance, I get it. Sometimes that Mylo can be a jerk and you just want to slap him in the face. Do you have somebody like this in your life?

But you know what, just when I got my paw all set to smack him in the kisser, I remember that he is still a baby and he doesn’t really know any better. I start to think about all the good things that he has done for each of us. That makes me want to put my paw down and kiss him into submission.

Love does make the world better right friends? I will leave you with a smooch from a big brown pooch!


Author: H. Scott Moore

I am originally from Western New York, where I grew up enjoying the rhythm of life in the changing of seasons. I am an inquisitive animal lover who enjoys trying to experience and write about life from their point of view. When I am not writing the stories that are inspired by Cindee and her gang, I can be found exploring nature or reading a good book.

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