Diversity and Understanding

Hello my friends.  Today I wanted to talk about diversity and understanding.  You see, I am a stay at home house dog.  My job is to look adorable and keep our home safe.  This leaves me with plenty of free time to watch television.

Let me tell you friends, I got hooked on this new show with lots of violence.  Then I found out it is real, that it is the news, and I am scared.  I don’t believe that humans can act this way.  I don’t understand.

In my world, we love and respect each other regardless of the color of our fur or if we are boys or girls.  It doesn’t matter if you are big like a Great Dane, small like a Chihuahua or somewhere in between, we are all equally valued and priceless.

A guard dog is no more important than a herding dog.  Dogs that swim are loved by God as much as dogs that run fast.  It is the same for cats.  Mousers are just as essential as divas.  We all have uniqueness, purpose and meaning.

If humans are supposedly civilized and evolved why don’t they understand all these things about themselves.  If us dogs and cats can embrace the diversity in our oneness, why can’t humans.  After all, they have the bigger brains.

Let me tell you what I think my friends.  I think we are all one life put here on this spinning rock that is hurtling through space with one very simple purpose and mission.  That mission is to love!  Let us open our eyes and our hearts and accomplish this mission.  It reall not too hard to do.

I love you my friends.  All of you. 

Thank you for letting this silly old dog rant.

Bark at you later!

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