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The big orange cat swatted at the black dial and watched with such intensity as it spun in circles.

Mylo and I waited in anticipation, our limbs tangled and our muscles tight and straining. My eyes locked with the tan puppy’s , and I smiled confidently. It was all just a mind game though. The only thing I was sure of at this point was that I was going to collapse on the floor if that blasted orange tabby didn’t say something soon

“Right front paw, blue!”

Both Mylo and i groaned then raced towards the nearest appropriately colored circle.

“That dot is mine old lady,” the puppy said, moving me out of the way.

“I am not an old lady,” I grumbled at the young canine, who simply stared back at me with an unnerving gleam in his eye.

I now found myself in a very awkward position. My limbs were splayed out in all different directions and tucked not so safely underneath me was Mylo, who also was doing his best to not give in.

“C’mon Rapi! Spin! Spin!”

There was a new and sudden urgency in the puppy’s voice.

“I did,” the cat called back with an edge to his words.

“Left rear paw, red,” the tabby shouted with glee.

I lifted my foot and threw it forward to the nearest crimson dot. Much to my dismay a tan paw slammed down in my way. I tried to shift my position, but it was too late.

My body teetered then swayed out of control. Kaplooey, I came crashing down on top of the puppy.

“Ouch,” he yelped, then crawled out from beneath me.

“Are you okay,” I asked scrambling to my feet.

“Okay? I am better than okay! I am fantastic! I won!”

With mouth agape I watched the puppy dance around like a happy fool.

“I love Tangled!”

Rapi opened his mouth to correct the puppy, but I cut him off with our super secret signal. Trust me, it is better to let Mylo go about in his own world then try to correct him.

“You wanna play again Cindee?”

Even though he likes to remind me that I am an old lady, he in all honesty doesn’t seem to realize I am no young pup anymore. I shook my head no.

“How about you Rapi,” he said turning towards the tabby.


“Humpf, you guys are no fun!”

With that he stomped off, leaving Rapi and I behind to enjoy the peace and quiet, which is exactly where we wanted to be from the very start!

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About THe Author

H. Scott Moore, a native of Western New York State, grew up enjoying the rhythm of life in the changing seasons. One day, he became intrigued by his dog, Cindee, and what she might be thinking and feeling.

Inspired, he set out to create a world that combines his passion for animals and his curiosity about the natural and supernatural worlds. The result is a space where we can travel with Cindee and her friends and enjoy their adventures too!

When he is not working or creating, H. Scott likes to spend his time on the trails with Cindee, Mylo, and his wife Simone.


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