5 Steps to a Happier Life

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Mylo and I have been doing a lot of people watching lately, and we have noticed some things.  Granted that we are just a couple of Labrador mixes, but we feel that there is some advice that we could offer.

It seems to us like humans always have that desire to have more.  More money.  More friends.  More things.  They will never catch up to what their neighbor has, so they get stressed, angry, and depressed.

Let us help you to restore some peace and tranquility to your life.  We have come up with five sure-fire things that work for us and we think they way work for you as well! Let’s look at our list of the five steps you can take to have a happier life.

  1.  Let your tongue hang out!

That’s right friends.  Just relax that jaw of yours and let your tongue fall out.  Notice the way the muscles in your face relax right away.  As a bonus, you can close your eyes for a minute or two and just imagine your best friend throwing a ball and you … following that urge inside to chase it. 

This is a great technique to use whenever you find yourself in the middle of a super stressful situation because it takes little effort to do and it can be done anywhere.  Trust us, both Mylo and I use this method all the time. 

2. Howl out loud!

Okay, so sometimes that stress that you are feeling builds to the point where you feel like you might just explode at any moment.  When this happens, the best thing to do is tilt your head back so that you are looking at the sky, close your eyes, and howl. 

For this to work, it needs to be an authentic howl. You know, one that comes from the diaphragm.  Feel all that negative energy rush up from your stomach through your windpipe until it comes rushing out in a thunderous aaaawhoooooooooo!  Repeat these two or three times until you feel your muscles relax.  It’s a great technique, right?

3. Get a message!

So you have had a long stressful day and the tension is deep in your muscles.  Forget about howling, that is not going to work. What you need now is a message.  A tummy rub to be precise. 

This is important:  Only ask someone you love to give you a tummy rub, otherwise it would be inappropriate and offensive. 

I find that it helps if you roll onto your back with all fours in the air.  You should also maintain eye contact with your masseuse at all times.  The great thing about tummy rubs is that you can combine it with letting your tongue hang out to get maximum benefit.

One last comment on tummy rubs, make sure you tip your masseuse with sloppy kisses to let them know they are appreciated.

4 Make yourself known!

Do you ever have those moments where you feel like the people you love may not love you as much as you thought they did?  Maybe you are not getting the attention you used to, or maybe they are taking you for granted?  There is one remedy for this:  Stand in front of the television.

Yes, you heard me right.  Wait until they are invested in their favorite show, then block their view.  They will notice you.

They will yell at first, this is to be expected.  The proper response to this is to simply ignore them.  Eventually, they will calm down and ask you to come and sit next to them on the sofa, where they will lavish attention on you just to keep you out of their way.

Trust us.  It works every time!

5. Treat yourself to a snack!

Sometimes you just need to enjoy life.  There is not a lot to say about this one, just put a great rom com on the television, curl up on the floor and bury your face in a delicious bowl of ice-cream.  No spoons!  Simply stick your face in there and go wild, just remember to lick the bowl clean. 

There you have it, five tried and true methods to remove stress and build healthy relationships.  Mylo and I hope that they help you as much as they have helped us to a happier life. 

One last thing before we go.  Daddy, being the stick in the mud that he is, wanted me to remind you that Mylo and I are dogs and that while these tips work well for dogs, and that maybe, as humans, you should not expect the same results and that if you try them you are doing so at your own risk.

Thank you for reading about our five tips to a happier stress free life and good luck!

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