Dear Diary … 6/18/2020

Dear Diary,

Today is a significant day in my life! Cindee asked me if I would be an author on her website. I just cannot believe it. Finally, somebody see’s some value in my thoughts and opinions!

You see Diary, all the furfriends I live with kind of dismiss me. They see me as crazy little Yehudi. Why? Just because I like to run around and have fun? Just because I am not old and lazy like them? So what if I am addicted to the little red dot and I get crazy eyes sometimes. I think that makes me unique and eccentric don’t you diary?

Anyway, I am very thankful to Cindee for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings with you. Today, I will do my best to lay in the sun and catch a tan. It has been nice talking to you diary.

Author: Yehudi

I love playing with the red dot!

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